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Ascent Training Services ACT Participant Registration

Please Note: Registration to the website is required before your booking can be completed.

Full payment is required at the time of booking, no course position is confirmed until payment has been received. In exceptional circumstances, such as insufficient numbers, cancelations may be necessary.

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Please enter the details of the person who will be completing the course in the form below and click save.
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(GRR)A current, valid Drivers Licence is required for some courses.

(FB)The following information is only required when booking for NSW Safer Drivers Course for Learner Drivers.

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English Fluency is required for some courses.

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You are required to provide evidence of 50 logbook hours or more. This must include 10 hours of night driving.

How many logbook hours (if less than 50 please call 02 6162 5158):