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Protect your family from texting and driving accidents

How it Works

TextStopper™ removes the temptation to use or respond to typical phone distractions like texts and facebook messages. It works through a combination of a device in the vehicle and an app on the phone.

Place & Protect, It's as Simple as that

TextStopper™ hides incoming Texts, Facebook and non hands-free calls while driving. It also blocks outgoing Texts, Facebook and other inappropriate phone use. You can easily customise settings for each family member via a Website.

Simple to Install

Once the App is loaded on the phone, you're ready to install your DriveID device. This attaches to the windscreen in minutes using the special tape included. It's solar powered, no wires and very easy to install yourself.

Buy FOR JUST $249

Also perfect to protect your Company and Employee

  •  Web-based system to manage users, groups, phones and policies
  •   Fully customisable web-based dashboard and reporting system
  •   Easy to install DriveID™ or OBD/JBUS devices which are activated online
  •   Install the App on employees phones (supports iPhone, Android etc)
  •   Updated policies distributed over the air
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textstopper™  is liberating for the driver and delivers peace of mind to the driver's loved ones. With texstopper™, inappropriate interaction with a mobile device is simply not permitted. The ability to text while driving, read or post to Facebook or Twitter, take a selfie, play a game, SnapChat, or you name it, is limited to a pre-defined policy. This defines what can or cannot be done with a mobile device when the vehicle is in motion. Textstopper™ enables customised "policy-zones" - allowing passengers the freedom to use mobile technology, while the driver-zone is protected.

Ready to find out more? Are you curious about the compatibility of textstopper™ with iPhone? What about the functionality of textstopper™ when an emergency call needs to be made? Are you wondering if the device can be disabled? Get answers to these questions and more by going to www.textstopper.com.au/ascent.


Ascent Training Services are just a retail outlet for this device. You can collect a   TextStopper™from one of our offices and pay cash or EFTPOS 

ROAD READY CENTRE NORTH                                                           ROAD READY CENTRE SOUTH 
CTP, Block D 49 Phillip Avenue                                                               70 Dundas Court 
WATSON, ACT 2602                                                                               PHILLIP, ACT 2606

or follow this link  www.textstopper.com.au/ascent    to order on line with a credit card and have one delivered.  Remember to quote referenceASCENT when ordering in the coupon code to receive 10% discount and Free Freight.