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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy ensures you are aware of how Ascent Training Services Pty Ltd securely treat your personal or protected information obtained from browsing our website. Personal information is considered any information you provide to us either expressly or indirectly from browsing our website. Our policy defines the processes and practices we have implemented to ensure your personal information is not mistreated in any way.

  Privacy Policy

The Ascent Training Services Pty Ltd Team warrants that all personal information submitted by visitors to the web site will remain the confidential property of the site owners and will not be intentionally sold or given to any third party under any circumstances.

1.You understand that Ascent Training Services will disclose your personal information to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and that it may be used by TfNSW for the purposes of:

· Verifying your successful completion of the course and/or

· Contacting you to discuss the feedback on the course

Otherwise TfNSW will not use or disclose your personal information without your consent unless authorised by law. Your personal information will be held by TfNSW and you can contact TfNSW to request to access or correct it.

2.Ascent Training Services will not collect personal information unless the information is necessary for one or more of its functions or activities.

The collection of sensitive personal information is restricted by the provisions of the Privacy Act. Such information would only be collected if it applies to the goods or services that we sell.
The policies implemented apply to the following topics:
 Internet Address (IP address)
 Personal Data
 Network Usage
 Credit Card Payments
 User Account Termination



1. Ascent Training Services Pty Ltd may temporarily store your internet address (IP) and the pages you access and a timestamp of when you accessed them to monitor user traffic through its website. We intend to use this data collected to generate statistics that aid us to deliver better web content services to our users.

2. Ascent Training Services Pty Ltd  promise not to distribute collected user information to any third party unless required by applicable government legislation.


Ascent Training Services Pty Ltd  cookies are strictly intended to store information pertaining to a user's session. Although unlikely, Ascent Training Services Pty Ltd  will condemn any party that intercepts or distributes malicious content via its cookies. If you experience unusual activity whilst browsing our website, please report the incident to us at info@ascenttrainingservices.com.au and we will investigate the matter. 



1. When you submit personal information to Ascent Training Services  Pty Ltd by filling out any online enquiry forms or emails, the requests are directly sent to our personnel.
2. All personal information received is retained for Ascent Training Services   Pty Ltd  to fulfill the request being made. Unless required by applicable government legislation, we require your express permission to disclose your information to a third party. 
3. Personal information may be securely retained, minimum 10 years for reference purposes and properly destroyed thereafter.



1.      In some parts of the website, Ascent Training Services  Pty Ltd  will ask you for personal information, including your email address. Your email address will only be used for the purposes stated and will not be disclosed beyond Ascent Training Services   Pty Ltd without your express permission.

2.      Ascent Training Services  Pty Ltd  may contact you via your nominated email address for administration and sales purposes only.

3.      Ascent Training Services  Pty Ltd  promise not to distribute your email address to any other parties without prior consent from you. 



Network data traffic to and from our web servers will be monitored at all times. If excess data traffic is detected, Ascent Training Services  Pty Ltd  reserves the right to cancel any or all user requests. Ascent Training Services  Pty Ltd may log its data traffic and source IP addresses of any internet request. Such information would be protected and only disclosed to authorities or law enforcement bodies with a successful warrant application.



1.      When you submit your order, you will be redirected to our EWAY Credit Card payment gateway. EWAY will establish a secure link with your browser using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol which protects your confidential information as it travels over the internet.

2.      At no stage in the ordering process do we give   EWAY any information about you or your account stored in our online booking system.

3.      The only exchange of information from us to EWAY is your order total and your session id.

4.      The only exchange of information between you and EWAY should be your chosen method of payment and your credit card details.

5.      When the payment has been successfully received, EWAY will send us a receipt number

6.      Order details are retained for a period of up to 7 years or as required by applicable government legislation.


This site contains links to external web sites.Ascent Training Services  Pty Ltd is not necessarily responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites



Please feel free to contact us if you require further information or a clarification of any statements above.