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QLD Motorcycle Cornering and Braking Course

Cornering and Braking Course - $ 150.00

Cornering and braking are two of the most essential skills on a motorcycle. All riders love getting corners just right and we also love being able to stop quickly and safely in emergencies.

On this course you will be shown how to prepare for and negotiate corners safely and effectively, including braking and gear selection, plus you will cover the two different braking systems for slowing for a corner and braking to a complete stop. 

There will be some theory but as we all know, we learn better from practicing so you will have lots of riding time on our circuit. 

Because this course is about improving your skills there is no pressure and you don't have to achieve any outcomes. You just do the best you can and enjoy the day.

Morning/afternoon tea is provided.

Please note that your motorcycle must be in a roadworthy condition to participate in the course. You can hire one of our motorcycles if you prefer at a cost of $ 75.00. Please ring our office if you would like to hire a bike.