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Never Again

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The course cost is $180, payment must be made at the time of booking.

The Never again program is for all road users who have been charged with a serious traffic offence, including:

  • Drink and Drug driving
  • High range speeding
  • Negligent driving
  • Any other traffic offence resulting in court attendance  
We run courses in Cooma.   

The program guides participants to a greater understanding of the circumstances and seriousness surrounding their offence, and to assist them to develop a commitment and plan to avoid re offending.

This therapeutic process includes:

  • Increasing awareness of what led to their offence 
  • Increasing understanding of the consequences of their offence 
  • Exploring the feelings associated with their offence 
  • Exploring the risks associated with illegal driving 
  • Considering further consequences of re offending 
  • Planning and making a commitment to avoid future re offending 

The program is conducted as a facilitated workshop using adult learning techniques that require participants to engage and take responsibility for their own learning.  This allows participants to be in control of their learning by using information to develop their own ideas and solutions. These techniques have been proven to be the most effective in terms of adult learning and behaviour change in a training environment.

The program assumes that re offending can be avoided by providing participants with greater knowledge and understanding of factors that influence and affect driving behaviour, developing positive attitudes towards safe road use and the ability to drive safely and legally.