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Complaints Handling Policy and Procedure

This Complaints Policy establishes procedures for Ascent Training Services PTY LTd to effectively manage and resolve complaints from students, clients and members of the public.

Our management and staff respect the right of members of the community to complain about the standard of services that we provide. We take complaints seriously, they give us important information about how we can better our service. We will seek to resolve complaints in an efficient, fair and quick manner. Everyone is committed to providing the highest standard of service possible. It is important that our staff understand that all complaints are treated as legitimate and will be investigated without prejudice.

All complainants have the right to be heard and the right to receive a response. The appropriate acknowledgement and speedy handling of complaints is essential to our continuous improvement.

If you wish to make a complaint


You should apply this procedure if you have any problems with course content or conditions relating to the training delivery.

1.In the first instance you should discuss the problem with your training Facilitator and seek a solution at that stage.

2.If you feel that you have a grievance with your training Facilitator that cannot be resolved at Stage 1, you should approach the administration office to initiate the complaints process. Please provide all relevant details which will be recorded and passed on to an appropriate person for action.

Other clients and members of the public

1. Recording and acknowledgment of the complaint and attempted resolution by front line staff.

2. If the complainant is still not satisfied, it will be reviewed by the General Manager and the results of the review will be reported to the complainant.

NB: If the complainant remains dissatisfied, we will consider other options that may available to achieve a resolution.

Records of Complaints

To assist us with our goal of continuous improvement, we will keep a record of all complaints made and the outcome. This will allow us to appropriately deal with any systemic or recurring issues within our company. All personal information that we collect in order to resolve your complaint will be appropriately handled in accordance with our privacy policy which can be provided on request.


We will endeavour to resolve all complaints received as fairly as possible and in a timely manner. Some of the remedies that we may use to help resolve complaints include:

Rectify mistakes

Where we have made a mistake, taken too long to follow up a matter, or simply overlooked a matter, we will take immediate action to rectify the mistake or situation as soon as practicable.

Employee training

Where a complaint is made about an employee, whether it is about the employee's general manner or about the employee providing wrong information, and after investigation if we consider the complaint is justified, the employee will be provided with training and/or coaching.


If a complaint is in relation to Licensing and Program Regulations and cannot be resolved by us, the complainant may be referred to:

RMS at 101 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW

Contact Us:

· By e-mail: admin@ascenttrainingservices.com.au

· By telephone: 02 6103 0464

· In writing to: Ascent Training Services PTY LTD, General Manager, PO Box 7181, Watson, ACT, 2602

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